About Us

SHRail is the division of D&T that develops sophisticated simulation software for transport.
It is proven that the use of simulators during training allows for greater financial savings and a better standard of quality which, in turn, translates into greater safety and effectiveness.
Our simulators are for training the various members of staff of the railway network (station masters, drivers and maintenance personnel) or of local public transport (managers and drivers).

Safety, performance, effectiveness, quality, impact on sustainable economy and the environment are fundamental aspects to be taken into account during the design and implementation of a new railway system or the modification and upgrading of an existing system: the simulators by SHRail can help developers, design engineers and rail operators to achieve these goals.
Our simulators use TRAFERR (based on the frequency of the trains) to assist the customer with study of the power supply subsystems; they then assist with planning the layout of interchange systems using the SIMUGENS simulation program for the dynamic behaviour of crowds (also for implementing an effective information system for rail users and examining any possible security issues at the stations and in tunnels along the railway line); and end with the creation, using SIMACEI and SIMURAIL, of a virtual environment where infrastructures, overhead contact lines, signals, stations and tools in the field are displayed together with the trains running according to scheduled time.
The above-mentioned architecture and tools allow users, among other things, to assess the position of the signals and devices along the line to test the performance of the rail systems and transport services under normal conditions but also under conditions of poor maintenance faulty signals) or in emergency situations.
SIMURAIL and SIMACEI allow the staff of railway companies to be prepared prior to the actual commissioning of new railway systems and to perform practical exercises involving the anticipation and management of emergency situations (which are much more difficult to simulate in the real world).
One of the key features of our simulators is the complete integration of the various parts to ensure effective and comprehensive training.
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