Local Transport Simulation

Simulazione Trasporto Locale

The suite of simulators for urban transport comprises specialised versions for the different types of vehicle typically used: metro, tram, bus and trolleybus.

Each of these simulators is capable of reproducing behaviour, operation in ordinary or exceptional situations of use of the equipment, elements, vehicles or entire public transport systems with the purpose of offering training in the general concepts of use, security aspects and ordinary or extraordinary operations.

These are just some of the possible training activities with our simulators for local transport:

  • familiarisation with driving: preparation of the vehicle, starting up and acceleration, deceleration, braking, stopping, bends, gradient and topography, travel uphill and downhill, and changing lanes;
  • training in driving - ordinary procedures: stop or drop-off point, leaving a stop or drop-off point, control of boarding or disembarking passengers, signs, traffic lights, road crossings, tunnels, overpasses and ramps, and control of restrictions, dimensions and position of the trolleybus;
  • training in driving with urban traffic: entering traffic, pedestrian crossings, urban crossroads, preferential lanes, irregularly parked or stranded vehicles, obstructions;
  • training in driving on any roads outside urban areas: driving on roads outside urban areas, level crossings, management of weather conditions (cross winds), handling of obstacles in suburban areas and driving on steep roads or around tight bends;
  • training in driving in emergency situations: emergency braking, driving in slippery conditions, driving in conditions of poor visibility, driving in the event of failure or malfunctioning of vehicle subsystems and management of alarms and abnormalities signalled by the on-board diagnostic system;
  • line service mission: familiarisation with the line service, training in the line service, training in eco-friendly driving and training in ensuring the comfort of passengers and good quality of service.
Our simulators fall in the following categories:
  • SGV (Simulazione Guida Veicolo, Vehicle Driving Simulation): simulation system for training in the use or driving of a specific vehicle;
  • SMS (Simulatore Missione di Servizio, Service Mission Simulator): simulation system for training in public transport missions or services, typically including the provision of a line service;
  • SIS (Simulatore Integrato Sistema, Integrated System Simulator): simulation system for training in many operational aspects of a metropolitan and tramway system, typically including operational management of the system, operation or driving, and carrying out missions or services.
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