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Mobile classroom with simulator

SimuRail is now mobile and transportable! This solution offers two special features. The vehicle comes with a fully-equipped classroom, all ready to use, and with a E464 simulator that can be easily downloaded and positioned in a physical classroom when required. It is ideal for all those organisations that need to use a simulator for professional training but which, for reasons including limited budget or space, do not have one of their own. The E464 simulator can therefore be used in the particular location for the required time, either directly on the mobile system or in a classroom, allowing the organisation to provide comprehensive training or simply hone existing skills.

The E464 simulator is based on our well-known SimuRail simulation engine, complete with a unified physical instrument panel, type FS93, reproducing the one found on actual trains. The mobile classroom also includes an area for observers, with a panel with three monitors, enabling them to see the scenario in progress, the view of the instrument panel and behaviour of the learner, and also any tools you want to share. The instructor operates a console, by means of a touchscreen monitor with swivel arm, or from a tablet. The interior of the vehicle provides a comfortable setting that can be used at any time of year, and is fitted with a heating/air conditioning system and adjustable RGB LED lighting.

The simulation is guaranteed to be fully immersive even when the E464 simulator is placed in the classroom, thanks to the environment created inside the modular structure.


  • Realistic instrument panel type FS93
  • Faithful reproduction of the panel logic
  • Option of configuring the number of carriages
  • SCMT and RSC systems with more than four codes
  • Physical control of the simulation (e.g. with weight, wheel-rail friction, acceleration and braking performance)
  • Management of weather events, conditions of visibility, friction and time of day
  • Setting for entities on the line (e.g. signals, buoys, RSC codes, level crossings, points)
  • Option of activating or deactivating faults and anomalies in the engine and signalling system
  • The simulated scenarios reflect the railway dossiers and relative station plans, the tables for curves and plano-altimetric profiles (data taken from official documents and GPS)
  • Control and report of the simulation session via the Instructor's Console and camera integrated in the simulator
The highly modular nature of the simulator also allows you to extend the simulation by implementing other devices on board, in line with the needs of the customer.


Size of the mobile classroom with simulator: Length: 6,83 Width: 2,04 Height: 2,59

Size of simulator: 216,6cm (width) x 172,3cm (depth) x 214,9cm (height).

Mounted weight: 540 kg approx.

Operating voltage: 230V AC single phase.

Maximum consumption: 1 kW.


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