SIMUMAN is the software solution in 3D technology to be used as a support tool for the training of technicians working in the field of railway maintenance.

The fundamental characteristics of SIMUMAN concern the possibility for any user to:

  • view in 3D mode and animate a Safety Organ (OdS) such as the Pneumatic Brake System of a train;
  • view in 3D mode and animate every single component of a OdS such as the Distributor (See Figures);
  • provide in interactive mode the assembly and disassembly procedures of each individual safety device and for each of its individual components (springs, screws ...);
  • provide digital tools (screwdrivers) for the implementation of the procedures.

The figures shown concern the sequence of activities to produce a 3D object. The steps are:

  1. identification of the object to be represent in 3D;
  2. acquire the real dimensions of the object necessary for the realization in 3D.
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